Robot Vs Monster, by Eric Wayne. Digital art and painting.
Robot Vs Monster, by Eric Wayne. Digital art and painting [March, 2014]
This is different from my other digital paintings in that it’s done from a scan of my physical, acrylic painting below.

Robot Versus Monster
Robot Versus Monster. by Eric Wayne. Acrylic and ink on watercolor paper [Feb, 2014]
The painted version was based on a brush and India ink drawing I made first, then painted over, which is why it had bold black outlines. Because I worked directly in ink without any pencil sketch, the painting was a little rough in terms of perspective and line, which was a sacrifice I made for immediacy. I made it up completely on the spot from my imagination.

The digital version took me over 24 working hours to create, because I made so many modifications, and digitally painted over the entire image. I made changes to perspective and anatomies, but significantly kept the basic composition. It is also quite large, and can print out at very high resolution (300 dpi) 4 feet wide, but 8 feet wide a high resolution. The painting, on the other hand, is on A4 paper, but is a one of a kind object.

The image is an original interpretation of a somewhat retro theme, harkening back to 50’s sci-fi and the robot equivalent of cars with expressive grills and tail fins. But in it’s extreme, and extremely graphic violence, it is contemporary. Mutually assured destruction is realized in the blinding attempt to destroy to alien or technological other. This is a clash of civilizations without a clear, unscathed winner.

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