“Dok Doh” by Eric Wayne. 2/2014. Markers, colored pencil, masking tape, and electrical tape on paper.

I’m not sure if this entirely works, but it was an experiment and generated more ideas for exploration. Obviously it uses a foreign object [tape] and tests use of negative space, foreground/background, and black in general.

The drawing was done in one (long) session, and followed certain significant rules or parameters. I wanted to do it in one shot, not make corrections, and not worry overmuch if it succeeds or not. Rather than attempting to make a perfect image, I wanted to practice making imagery on the spot, and in this instance without premeditation. This process allows me to be maximally creative and spontaneous, with a minimum of tedium, and a full range of possible expression. If it doesn’t work, I can try again, and get better at the process until it does work, in which case I can make quicker work with new techniques. At one point, probably in order to test boundaries, I started incorporating masking tape and then electrical tape. I later drew on the masking tape in places. “Dok Doh” is the Northern Thai word for the Tokay Gecko.

I’m selling the original for just $275 (follow link before if interested).

Sell Art Online

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