Game Over, pencil drawing by Eric Kuns
“Game Over”, by Eric Wayne [6B pencil on A4 paper. 2/2014]. Click to see image in separate window without distractions.
I’m not going to say what this is about. Look at it. It’s written in a universal language. I recommend clicking on it and looking at it for at least 30 seconds, otherwise you haven’t even given it a chance or tried to get it. People look at art in a way that is the equivalent of speed reading poetry. It’s not going to cough up it’s meaning in the split second it takes to just see it without really looking. You have to let it sink in.

The medium is just 6B pencil on A4 paper.

However, because I scanned it at 1200 dpi, it can be printed out very large, and looks good that way.

Detail of Eye from Game Over, pencil drawing by Eric Wayne
Detail of the eye.

Of course I have a specific interpretation, but I think I’ll hold out on sharing that until I do a color version, which might be quite tricky because I intend to use just colored pencils and markers to do it.

I’m selling the original for $500. Contact me if interested.

Prints and postcards are also available here:

Art Prints

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