Seafood Sorbet, by Eric Wayne (Kuns),Marker on paper. 10x10" 2014
Seafood Sorbet, by Eric Wayne (Kuns),Marker on paper. 10×10″ 2014

New Drawing. I used only markers. I wanted bolder lines and stronger color than the last drawing, which I did in colored pencils. I also wanted to do a close-up of a person. I used some fluorescent colors on the Sorbet, which the scanner didn’t pick up. Soooo, there’s a little something special that can only be seen in the original drawing (NOW ON SALE!!). I probably don’t have to point this out, but just so there’s no misunderstanding, the girl is saying the words.

Sure, it looks a lot like a comic. This is a  good thing. I realized how much can be communicated in less busy rendering, and on a small size. This is one of the lessons of modern technology, ironically enough. No matter how big something is in reality, chances are this drawing is bigger in one dimension than most monitors people are looking at. Size becomes relative and no longer something that lends art a power it otherwise wouldn’t have. On the other hand, a drawing that is small enough to be scanned can be printed out on the grand scale. In this way vision can take precedence over size. There seems less reason to make enormous images that take weeks or months, when really one should be able to communicate large ideas with simple tools on a modest scale.

This also raises the question of whether funny art can be serious art. I really don’t see why not. Funny art can be sophisticated and challenging, so it could be taken seriously without itself being somber. One of my favorite Beatle’s songs is “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite”, because it’s a weird and inventive song blending circus music and psychedelia. It is the exultant creativity that I enjoy: the shifting boundaries, recombining, reinterpreting, and melding into a new whole.

Note: Someone commented that it looks like she’s on a bad trip. I actually never thought of that, but it’s so obvious.

Notice it’s signed by my alter-ego EW, for “Eric Wayne”. No folks, I haven’t stopped doing digital art. I am doing both at the same time, and they feed into each other. When I make a drawing I think of things like levels and resizing, because of how I think while doing Photoshop. The approaches are very different in some ways, mostly procedural, but not so different in others. However, because of the differences, each helps me not get stuck in the other.

In the next piece I may go a little more stylized with shapes, and might combine colored pencil AND markers. As I predicted, I’m getting lots of ideas and my style(s) of drawing are evolving into unexpected directions. I have no shortage of ideas.

I’m selling the original for $375 (though if you really want it and don’t have enough to blow on it, we can negotiate). Instructions for ordering are at the link below.

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