Drawing in progress, pencil stage, of Ed Bassmaster (YouTube prankster), wearing a hair piece and false teeth, and making a ridiculous face for his Driver’s License.

I don’t intend to keep this as a pencil drawing at all. I just needed to get his basic proportions right so the finished result, whatever that might turn out to be, looks enough like him, which is important, because this is based on a screen shot of him at the precise instant when the Driver’s License photo was snapped (from the perspective of his hidden camera). You can see the video here if interested.

This is actually the third piece I’ve based off of YouTube videos (the second is still in progress, and the first was the bare knuckle brawlers). I started doing it because I wanted to infuse what I call “contemporary tableaux” into my imagery. So, on a conceptual level, I am interested in all the levels of reality involved = a screen shot of a guy pranking his driver’s license, taken from his hidden video camera; a YouTube prankster as subject matter; and this rendered in humble colored pencils and markers on paper. I also intend to take some stylistic liberties.


And now I moved on to the ink stage. I traced over the pencil drawing with a black marker, then erased the pencil. Now I find it a bit more interesting. The perspective on the ceiling isn’t correct, but I didn’t want to be too fussy and get out a ruler. I want to keep the drawings fairly quick to execute, and improve and explore within that range.


Next I’ll put it in color. Not sure what I’ll do with it. Should be finished tomorrow.

This is the screenshot I took.
This is the screenshot I took. I’m not after realism here so the colors will vary!

~ Ends

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