What? This isn’t up to my customary standards? True. True. It’s a mess! Nevertheless it was the first time in a long while I just decided to sit down and draw, even if it was just for fun. It started out as a caricature of my friend’s stuffed animal buffalo. There’s even a fish with the same buffalo face. But I wanted to put it in color, and she only had some cheap pastels. They turned out to be much darker than I anticipated, so I had to transform it into more of a “pastel drawing”, but definitely a cartoonish one. I got carried away with the Expressionist sunrise and the psychedelic stuff going on under the waves. Also wasn’t exactly sober when I made this, and drawing at all was a bit of a challenge (don’t ask). But as I was doing this I realized what a powerful tool small drawings could be. Everything about art can be there in them. They are even small enough to be scan-able at a resolution that makes them printable on an enormous scale. They are like the equivalent of a 3 minute rock song. It’s enough to work with. Anything is possible.

Despite it being a royal mess, I did some experimentation that might produce something interesting somewhere down the line. I didn’t hesitate to smear the living crap out of some of the colors, or to transform one kind of descriptive cartoonish line into another kind of stylized, decorative, psychedelic looking line. Lines and shapes shift, negative and positive space reverse in places. I like the blue streaks over the whole image that are rain.

No, I’m not really sure I should have shared this one. But, it’s kinda’ fun.

The original goes for $135.

Sell Art Online

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