Gigi’s Money

Gigi's Money, digital abstraction by Eric Kuns 2014

Gigi’s Money, digital text abstraction, 2014

Version of 300 messages with Gigi font. Once you have 300 layers with 300 fonts, and have established a basic working composition, you can experiment with changing all the fonts at once. Gigi gave a nice late Monet feel. Might appeal to people who like Pollock, de Kooning, and aforementioned late Monet.

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WARNING: If you don’t want to endure the self-promo stuff I have to do to try to keep afloat, stop scrolling now. Content here is always free to you, but if someone wants a print, or to help out, I need to make that possible. I also offer prints for a minimal profit above production costs. In other words, they are inexpensive.

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