An experimental, conceptual piece incorporating 99 curses on the 1%, but they are all in Wingdings font, so can’t be read.

A conceptual piece (the third in a series) in which I establish certain rules and random elements, and then follow through the process. There are 99 curses against the 1%, but they are all in Wingdings font, which is made up of symbols, in which case they can’t be read. I would write a curse, such as “trampled by elephants” in a Word document, then copy paste it into a text layer in Windgdings font. I went through a palette of color sequentially, and for each word the size, rotation, and transparency would each be determined by a random number generating program. Once the text was finalized, I could move it wherever I wanted on the layer, then go on to the next layer. But I did NOT allow myself to go back and adjust prior layers, just like you can’t go back and take over Chess moves.

Detail of 99 #1
Detail of 99 #1

Working this way is a bit addictive, because it’s like a game. I only control where I place the word on the layer. I’m forced to incorporate configurations of text objects I wouldn’t choose to use. Because I don’t know what I’ll get next, I have to take risks as to where I place a word. The result of the game is the finished piece.

Detail of 99 #2
Detail of 99 #2

This piece introduced rotating the text, and the last one introduced using transparency. In the next piece, and probably last one, I’m going to use all the elements so far: text, different fonts (not just one, as in this piece), color, and random size, transparency, and rotation. Also, because it’s text, it’s vector, which means it’s not pixels but mathematical instructions, so it can be printed as large as is possible without losing detail.

Detail of 99 #3
Detail of 99 #3

~ Ends

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