2 replies on “Fly on the wall 1

  1. Now what you need to do is to get council to paint over it. This would then allow you to make a few press releases saying that the stencil was worth $40,000. In fact, the key to following in Banksy’s (roger Gunneham) footsteps would be to keep devising ways to get into the press that Banksy’s art is worth a lot of money.


    1. One of them is over a Banksy. I started another one. I’m planning another prank piece about me stenciling over Banksy’s. Haven’t worked it all out yet. But while doing this I’ve seen a lot of street art, and there’s so much good stuff out there I don’t know why Banksy is getting all the attention. I don’t think tagging is art, but some of the murals definitely are. I’m kind of mixed on street art. If it’s good, I like it, but most of it isn’t.


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