Ugly Lady Gaga Art
“Ugly Lady Gaga Art” by Eric Kuns, Digital Art, 8/20/12

Thought this might be a timely moment to share this gem. I know, I’ve been on a “Kuns Vs Koons” kick, and nobody besides me and close family and friends is really getting into it, but, like my last case of the flu, it takes a few days to pass through the system. I just discovered he made a sculpture of Lady Gaga in one of his signature styles – the “gazing ball” series – which is also featured in the cover he made for her new album, ARTPOP.

Jeff Koons photographing Lady Gaga, and finished sculpture by his team of paid sculptors
Jeff Koons photographing Lady Gaga, and finished sculpture produced by his team of paid sculptors.

The style can be summed up in Koons instructing his crew of expert sculptors (Koons by his own admission can’t carve unless you count playing with Play-Doh as a child) to painstakingly reproduce an existing sculpture or photo, and then Koons himself decides where to put a reflective blue ball.

Jeff Koons hard at work via his tireless expert sculptors.

I’d say any drunk could have thought of putting it between Lady Gaga’s legs, but I’m probably a little bitter because I don’t have a crew of over 120 artists working for me. Incidentally, if you stop and think about it, it’s kinda difficult for up-and-coming (or more accurately up-and-doomed) artists to compete with established artists with over a hundred artists doing their work for them. Probably impossible. Anyway, some more of his schmaltzy, gimmicky, crap-O-la below. The originals they are based on are amazingly skillful, though, and the copying work is exquisite.

It’s really all about the idea, though. And only a Koons  can come up with the kind of ideas that the sculptors themselves never would be able to in a thousand milliseconds. Only Jeff Koons could come up with a Miley Cyrus twerking neoclassical sculpture. Wait a minute. That’s MY idea. If only I had some of the best sculptors in the world, and tens of millions of dollars at my disposal.

C’mon Jeff, where’s the Miley Cyrus twerking Neo-classical sculpture. Put the shiny blue ball on her left buttock. Hop to it, bro. I actually wanna’ see THAT one.

Jeff Koons new marble replicas of existing works, plus his signature blue Christmas ornaments.

I don’t know, though. I looked at Koons’ Lady Gaga, and I thought it looked like an expensive bird bath with a giant Christmas ornament on it.

An “Incredible Hulk” sculpture by the studio factory of Jeff Koons. Sometimes no matter how much skill and talent you throw at a terrible idea, it still looks lame. Tell me it’s not a lawn ornament? It’s “The Incredibly Lame Hulk Planter”.

I actually thought mine was more interesting and memorable, even if it was a deliberate catastrophe. Could be biased though. You decide. Vote in the poll if inclined.


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