Still in sketch phase. I started this “human fly” as a quick piece I could finish for Halloween. Probably won’t, so got the idea to share it in stages, so there’s something out there to capture people’s Halloween imagination.

I’m trying to work in a more representational style here, a lot like pulp magazine covers or “concept art” for videos games. Recently I had to look up some Photoshop techniques that I hadn’t mastered, like “smart objects”, and in so doing came across a smorgasbord of tutorials on YouTube, and started getting into the “concept art” ones. In the last several years some artists have become extremely proficient at using Photoshop for fantasy/sci-fi imagery. I’m interested in learning some of their techniques, which allow them to render full scenes in hours. There’s something to be said for being able to basically draw and paint anything in reality or the imagination, and legions of young artists are training to do just that, though largely for conventional and commercial applications. Still, it’s a skill I’d like to add to my arsenal.

I got the idea to make this as an experiment/study. I’m hoping to knock it out in a couple days, but unlike the polished “concept artists” I haven’t been doing this sort of work most everyday for years, so it takes me longer.

Of course, I’m also trying to ad my own particular flavor, and this is my interpretation of the “human fly” of the story you know if you saw any of the “The Fly” movies.


Ignore any ad that appears here, if it does.

11 replies on “In progress for Halloween, “The Human Fly at home”

    1. They DO celebrate it in Thailand, though perhaps not officially. But I don’t really. The school I used to work at had a Halloween party and teachers and some students dressed up, but, not having to do any promotion, I didn’t.


      1. Just messing with you. In Jamaica we didn’t celebrate it but it didn’t stop my kid from wanting to go to the U.S. Embassy’s private Halloween party with his friends.


    1. Is he scary already? I find him a little comical, maybe because he’s in a home. In the newer stage he’s pouring a drink with one hand and picking up the pizza with the other, and his arms are much skinnier and his hands smaller, er, like a fly.


      1. Looking forward to it. And we need to get a picture posted of how you work…that tablet thingy and looking at the screen is ghastly. I don’t know how you do it.


    1. So funny. I was thinking of that song. “I’ve got 96 tears for 96 eyes. I’ve got a garbage brain, it’s driving me insane…”. Think I went to one of their concerts about 25 or so years ago.


      1. You saw The Cramps?!!

        One of the regrets of my life is that I was completely tied up with a software installation the night The Cramps were playing at my favorite Sydney venue.

        During the swine flu media panic I got an earworm of ‘Human Fly’ that transformed itself into a satirical take on how swine flu was being portrayed. I’d recreate it for my blog except that it’s lost much of it’s humour now the swine flu hype has slipped down the memory hole.

        (ahh, finally got that ‘Like’ button to load).


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