DIY Incense Holder

Sometimes there are such easy and cheap solutions to problems. I recently bought some incense. And I bought a holder. But when I opened the box of incense I discovered the pieces had long thin stems that wouldn’t stay in the holder. So I tried to make some DIY holders. I put a hole in the bottom of a cup. That worked OK. Then I realized I could use the lid from a 7/11 cup of coffee and strategically place the stick of incense in the sipping hole. Then I realized there was a very small hole in the center of the lid that the stem would fit perfectly in. But I thought it would be better if the stem stuck into something, and maybe I could put something on the inside of the lid. I remembered I had some clay like Play-Doh.

Then I realized I could just stick the incense in the clay at any angle I wanted, and it would stay there. What a perfect solution. I just stuck it on the edge of the sink so I could easily wash down the ashes. But one could easily stick it on a plate or bowl or whatever at the correct angle.

6 replies on “DIY Incense Holder

  1. This is a clever way to burn some incense without having to buy a holder. For some, the holder is part of the experience, but anyone can enjoy the smell of incense without having a holder. At least with the stick over the sink, there’s less of a risk of a fire. With a cup, you’ve just got to make sure to keep an eye on it.


    1. Yeah. I STILL am using this. it allows for any trajectory as well. Not that anyone would want to, but you could burn multiple sticks at once. It works great. I’m still using the original ball of putty. Also can be put anywhere.


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