War is business.

Business is good.

War is good.

If we actually got to vote, war would end immediately. Our choice is grayed out.

Note: for what it’s worth, I made the graphic. Uh, if it’s on my blog, and it has text, assume I made it myself. I customize the living crap out of this blog.

3 replies on “Perpetual War

  1. American wars are about business and profit because the US is a plutocracy.
    In Statist societies wars are initiated by and for the benefit of The Party.
    In feudalist ones wars are for the peerage.
    In theocracies they are for the Church.

    If by ‘vote’ you mean initiating a truly democratic, non-hierarchical, freely associating society in which no one group can gather so much power to themselves they are able to privatise the profits and socialise the losses of war you could be onto something. But if you just want to replace one bunch of rulers with another one you are still perpetuating war.


    1. Yeah, I agree, and I wasn’t saying anything about voting in new “rulers”, just voting on whether we wanted perpetual war or not. Just like the graphic but with the option to vote “no”. The obvious answer is that almost nobody would want war. And yet we don’t get a choice. Even if basically everyone is against war, basically everyone gets it anyway.


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