Civilization to win “Darwin Award”

[I didn’t make the drawing, but the quote and text are by me.]
Venting time. I haven’t ranted about climate change in a while. Get’s boring, no matter how urgent it is to fix the problem. The rhetoric gets tedious. Nobody wants to have to do the equivalent of going out and standing on a street corner with a “The End is Nigh” sign.

These days you look like a raving lunatic if you state established scientific consensus. It’s more sensible to toe the company line, even if you don’t work for the company in question.

But, sometimes I wish I could be left to doing myself in through my own idiocy. Yes, folks, I’d like to win my own “Darwin Award“. I don’t want it won for me. That takes all the fun out of it. If I’m going to go down because of asinine decisions and shortsightedness, I want it to be my own. Alas, I will probably not have that opportunity.

The problem here is that if we win it as a species, there’s no one left to admire it.

Despite all the facts and the nearly absolutely unanimous conclusions of all scientists and scientific institutions that Global Warming is real – and we are not only not waiting for the shit to hit the fan, but heaping crap on it at an accelerated pace – we just put it out of our heads so we can go on trying to bail out water from the smaller sinking ships of our various jobs submerged in proven-outmoded capitalistic paradigms doomed to failure. The environment is dying. The economy has tanked. Capitalism has failed, partly because it was based on the presumption that selfish greed is the prime motivator of humankind (as opposed to creating a system based on generosity and altruism). Democracy has been replaced with bureaucracy. The Constitution has been eviscerated, and anyone who stands up to corruption is a “terrorist”.

Global warming consensus
Why does the one red guy get 50% or more of media attention? Because we are being deceived into supporting the fossil fuel industry for as long as possible, so that the moguls running it can capitalize as much as possible before their business (which they know is thriving like mad on borrowed time) is finally put to an end.

So, I was thinking, why can’t we shift away from fossil fuels? The number one answer that everyone has assimilated without trying to is that, “it will destroy the economy”. There are other lines, such as that, “it won’t produce enough energy”, but the “economy” line is #1. Who cares? The economy (from the perspective of ordinary people) is already destroyed. If the economy were to be revived, the definition would be that even more money was funneled up to the 1% who already own the monopoly board, the banks, all the property, and have changed the rules of the game to insure their own unimaginable wealth continues to expand at the expense of everyone and everything else.Though, in a sense, one could say the economy is operating beautifully, because the wealthiest are increasing their profit margins, and even the bankers responsible for the world wide economic crisis have subsequently received record bonuses.

Why should we continue to play the game when the bankers own everything, are cheating, changed the rules, and our options are just going into debt or into jail? Fuck the game. Let’s live outside the parameters of the game.

What’s the use in improving the economy if it just means the fabulously wealthy get richer, and the rest of us get genetically modified table scraps? And what is the use of a stellar economy for 1% of the population if the rest of us inhabit a Zombie Apocalypse? What are they going to do, hole themselves up in domed malls?

After civilization fails and the environment is in ruins, it’s “every man for himself”.

It’s time to “just say no” to the mass suicide of our species through extraordinary stupidity and the absolute refusal to listen to scientists (while, instead, listening to the corporate-funded, neoconservative, blow-hard, think-tank drivel served up through brainwashing talk radio, and most of the news outlets).

Not just “no”, I think it’s appropriate to say, “fuck off” to the big corporations, the growing surveillance state, and the bullshit hierarchies. First we must recognize that it’s just a game. Things don’t have to be like this. It’s not inevitable. It’s not natural. The world has become a dictatorship run by a network of immoral, shortsighted businessmen. The least we can do is stop worshiping them, and stop accepting the game as reality.

Ebenezer Scrooge, once reviled as a miser and misanthrope, now a hero to be worshiped. Greed is the new god, and the tight-fisted CEO the new Messiah.

As Timothy Leary famously put it, “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” [Actually, Leary popularized it, but philosopher Marshal McLuhan coined it.] We have to do it without the potent psychoactives that obliterate the superstructure and make the game a glaringly obvious facade, but it’s still doable. It could be summed up as, “reject the propaganda of the master.”

Back in the day when people were opting out of the game to listen to music and experience life. The message has been so trivialized by pro-establishment backlash that we’ve forgotten its wisdom.

We may still have to march in lock-step, man our cubicles, and earn fractions of what is actually made off of our own work, but we don’t have to believe we are slaves or we deserve this crap. It’s bullshit. There’s gotta’ be a better way. The current system is for the most wealthy few percentages of inhabitants of this planet anyway. Why are we so worried about saving their economy for themselves at our expense by preserving their fossil fuel industries? Let’s worry less about the fantastic fortunes of the few, as we’ve been programmed to do, and more about the doomed futures of everyone else.

Money lenders, like Shakespeare’s Shylock, were once our villains. Today they are the pillars of society that are the banks and student loan providers. Corruption is the highest good.

Let’s listen to the scientists and not the billionaire businessmen. The solutions are out there (there’s tons of research supporting a successful switch to renewable resources) and all we need to change is our thinking.