Perhaps a quick explanation is in order. This is deliberately wrong. I started making bad art on purpose when I was most active on Deviantart (I kind of gave up on it now), and the most popular works were “fan art”. In other words, it wasn’t the art that made the work popular, it was the famous subject. This is the same as if the most popular songs on a community site designed for musicians were songs about Johnny Depp, Superman, or Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s more than a little insulting for people who are trying to get their work out there, but are drowned out by hundreds of thousands of submissions of kitty pictures and “fan” art pieces. You could say these sorts of abominations were my reaction to the stupidity of serious art being completely submerged and sidelined by mindless fodder. Also they made me laugh.

The piece did get a bit of flack, including accusations of “FAIL” and one negative official critique, which went a little something like precisely this:

Its intresting but still some things are wrong. A hand has 5 fingers, and fingers have bones they cant swirl up like that. And her shoes looks like cans. And Amy’s dress doesn’t have a line in the middle. And where did Amy’s neck go? Sonic’s shoe looks like Iron, and his sock looks like alot of air got into it. His hands look like they were blown up . His arm is over his neck, wait he doesn’t have a neck. The hair is all crazy, like they got some gel and messed it up. Amy’s braclets are not spose to be floating. I’m sorry if this sounded mean and awful, but I am not good with crituqe’s..

Incidentally, when trying to get just everything wrong in a picture, it ends up looking awfully Picasso-esque, which had made me wonder if he wasn’t “taking the piss” on the art community in the same way I was with Deviantart.

You might think that was not the best way to tackle the problem of schlock art and unicorns being held in highest esteem, and real art cast wayward snot at, but, I also tried to create a group for serious art – Fine Art Asylum – which still exists (and has what I believe is the very best collection of art on Deviantart), though most people just seem to bombard groups with submission and nobody actually looks at the submitted work. So, you could say that I tried, and ultimately failed at Deviantart. I could have succeeded, by doing unicorn or dragon art. I could have! But, that would be a whole other kind of failure. I prefer failing to suck.

On the other hand, I did get two “Daily Deviations” (when you get one you get thousands upon thousands of views), so can’t really complain too much. None of them turned into a single sale, however, so, on reflection, yes, I can say I lost. In one year at Deviantart I sold one thing. I made $16. My membership was $30. It’s expired and I didn’t renew it. Now I’m trying to sell stuff on Fine Art America, without success. But, I ain’t giving up. I have a new piece that’s almost finished that I think rocks. The main thing is making art, and selling it would just make things a lot easier.

In the meantime enjoy the travesty that is “Sonic and Amy”! I’ll be adding more abominations from the series in the future.

If you like this crappy art (so crappy it’s snappy!), you might also enjoy my Naruto, Superman, and Happy Pukey Frog.

And, if you are half out of your mind, you can even buy a print or postcard (forgive me, but I have to put the stuff out there if I hope to sell it, even if I don’t expect anyone to buy it.).


2 replies on “Sonic and Amy

  1. I’m astonished that critique didn’t also mention that, in real-life, objects occupy 3 dimensions, not a paltry 2. Other than that, it’s exactly like people you meet on the street. On the bright side, it provides an opportunity for secondhand snark and I appreciate that very much. Thank you!


    1. Glad you like it. You do have a point about the paltry 2 dimensions. Ah, my next serious work breaks into an illusory third dimension via piled up faux paint. Should be done in the next week or so. Stay tuned.


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