“A radical reinterpret the classic philosophy for the Newage.” A sequel his posthumous first book, “Do you know who I’m?!”

Unsk’s timeless philosophical question featured on billboards.

Read Unk’s take on the Zimmerman trial here: Gorges Tsimmerman and the Bosphorous!

My comment: Personally, I think everyone has a right to their own opinion, and shouldn’t just wait for some authority to espouse his or hers and then echo it with deadly conviction. I, for one, prefer Unsk’s version of Rene Descarte’s famous conclusion. Even when I was a student and first encountered Descartes, I thought he belabored the obvious in as convoluted a way as possible. He just needed a friend, I  thought. Someone  to slap him across the face and remind him he was THERE. Someone to challenge him, “OK, that’s fine, now make yourself NOT be here, and then I’ll REALLY be impressed.” You can’t not be. It’s an impossibility. So, finding some obscure way to prove what can’t be denied in the first place seems excessively useless.

At least in the case of Ivor I have no idea what he’s getting at, so, it’s less annoying.

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