Guest post by Ivor Unsk


It is useful often to have the position taken of a philosopher in a regard eventing currents? Is there with certainty sage of wisdom to help understand the ravages of many bodies well? Rozhodnuti found so in the loss of bullying the weak. The lot of people will to happiness, flooded with furious, frustration and ennui.

So Rozhodnuti discovered that loss of bullying

Of us each with a more liberal injustice, possible in sacrificial service, and to ensure that not allowed to go forth free, agree that these are the apartheid. This surplus is that power it needs? Without the jurisdiction of the same disciples, the very best that Tsimmerman could deem a summary of the agreement. It is meant that the black Traygor Martin!

George T. Simmerman up after a loss and black high school student Traygor Martin meeting.

H.G. Well’s fictional Eloy actual results and the lower classes of the population that is designed to deceive while unsuspecting appearances arise, as shenanigans, was the ulterior motives to pit them against each other, and the real enemy is disturbing them the much maligned, but the principles are a percentage.

San Eloy with what appears an Utopian leat the existence!

There is the real culprit, we shift back, arms waving is not commonwealth and the poor results they confirmed their presence rather than some other. They can do anything, you have to defend against the wrong, but to own and operate kimoyunun itself is not clear who vows on the court.

If the skin peculiarities of each case, it will be a different outcome to?

Trayvon Zimmerman performed using deadly force, the power, the self-proclaimed. However, if you are not one of the players of the game to the next level, they should be held responsible for the final decision is in the.

Nahil reminds us that with imposition comes the threat of ever divisive and the hypocrite shall gouge with both thumbs truth and false.

Guest post by philosopher and cultural critic, Ivor Unsk.


5 replies on “Gorges Tsimmerman and the Bosphorous!

      1. Words, I know. Images and the rest? I am naive. This technique? Pretty cool way of distorting the ordinary and revealing new possibilities … and also tweaking some uppity noses, just a little.


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