It moves! Just when I think nobody is looking at my blog because they’re confused by my mix of art, humor, satire, politics, roach traps, and art criticism, I get an award that lets me know not to throw in the proverbial towel. Not only that, it flippin’ ROCKS!


If your blog is dying because it’s too substantive, and you want this award to liven up your sidebar, let me know, and I can nominate you (assuming you are worthy). To nominate yourself or someone else, provide the link to one appropriate and exemplary post, and write just a few sentences to introduce the blogger.

9 replies on “I got a “Talk Lobster” (and you can, too)

  1. Are you singing the soundtrack yet?

    I can’t speak for others, but I’m reading … and digesting. Here, within the confines of this blog is a surreal combination of reality, imagination, and snark that begs to be understood or, at least, allowed to settle on a nearby branch to take in a moment of sunny bliss.


  2. Congratulations! Can’t find who gives these out. There seems to be a mix of bloggers who’ve received them and those who’ve received a Liebster Award. Is it a decentralised and collective peer-to-peer affair?


    1. It’s a bit secretive, but I think it’s similar to the “Awakening Mindlessness Award” I received! The “Liebster” Award must have been where those responsible for the “Lobster” award got the idea, come to think of it, except the “lobster” award isn’t anything like chain-mail and doesn’t require anything of the recipient to get it, other than great posts.


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