Mermaids get all the attention, and mermen are left in the mud. Why is that, I ask you?

The Merman is under-appreciated in comparison to the mermaid, and for good reason, if you think about it some. Well, that thought occurred to me one fine day, and so I made this cartoon explaining the plight of the undervalued merman.

Of course they could just be manatees as seen through the wishful eyes of whomever.


Look-a-da-baby manatee!

4 replies on “Merman’s Appeal to Hu-manatee

  1. You know most of us like to think of mermaids and mermen as attractive creatures. Thank you for blowing that one out of the sea. 😛


      1. When I created my Perfect World for my Level 7 class, my example was an underwater world w/ mermaids and mermen. They did not look like that guy…


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