He’s sooooo kawaai!

Kawaii parody art by me. Happy and superficial no matter what! (Shhhhh. I HATE cutesy art. Except this piece, cuz it’s ironic, it’s by me, and I like frogs. And frogs puke sometimes. I know, I had some as pets.)

Oops. I don’t offer prints of this image anymore. Contact me if you want one and I’ll make it available again.


I know, you’re thinking, “Who wants puking frog art?”

Yeah, I dunno either. Looks kinda’ cool framed though, and costs me nothing to put it out there.


3 replies on “Happy Pukey Frog

    1. Yeah, just think of the way the gobble stuff down. They even use their hands to stuff it in. Then remember that what they’re trying to cram down their throats doesn’t wanna’ go there, and is struggling for it’s life not to. They also mistakenly gobble stuff they shouldn’t.


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