Folks, I saw a big, honker, monster of a roach in my guest house room yesterday. What a specimen! Iiiiick. When I came in the room and turned the light on, it was under my desk, where I like to keep my feet, and then it scurried under the bed, where I like to sleep. I had visions of it clamoring over my toes, or brushing my lips with it’s delicately probing 2 inch antennae. Those were not pleasant visions. No, indeed.

So, I decided to resurrect the unintentional roach trap I inadvertently created (am I being redundant here?) a couple days ago. This trap is equivalent to the story of Russian solution to ball point pens not working in space, which was to use a pencil, whereas the Americans did the equivalent of using expensive, poisonous, roach traps, which was to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a space pen. Incidentally, this story is an urban myth, because American astronauts used pencils too in the beginning, but they broke a lot, so the Americans then invented the really expensive pen. [See Snopes article, “The Write Stuff”. It’s always good to look this kind of shit up!]. But I digress.

When I woke up this morning it was as if my beer can was the equivalent of the pencil in space, but the bad way where it broke. I shook the can and I didn’t hear anything clattering around in there. “Hmmm”, I thought, “How could it catch not one, but TWO ginormous, butt-ugly roaches in one night, but none another, when I KNOW there’s one lurking out there?” Well, I tucked my disappointment in my stupidity belt and went about checking up on some other people’s blogs.

And then my efforts were rewarded. I heard a tinkling sound. That’s just what it sounds like. And I KNEW. It had to be. I didn’t rush over to check the can. I simply finished what I was doing and then calmly sauntered over. So sure was I. And, indeed, folks, upon swishing the can again I could hear a definite scuttling of little hook-ended appendages. Victory was mine, and defeat belonged to the lowliest and most reviled of Godz creations.

Yeah, some people aren’t readers, and they just don’t get from the picture of the cut open can that the roaches crawled in a non-violated can, and couldn’t get out. So, I got the grand idea of making a video, which I then implemented.

This calls for celebration. Think I’ll have a can of beer.

Also, see previous post about the roaches and the trap.
And my first post about giant, ugly-ass, flying roach guests.

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