A veritable treasure trove of previously undocumented quotes by famous artists, writers, philosophers and other major cultural icons has just been released. I took it upon myself to create easily-sharable graphics for each of them. If you want to share, these will fit perfectly as images on your facebook wall (if you download them and upload them as  photos), but when clicked on will appear even larger and more clearly.







Hope you enjoy these. There are 12 more coming, with parts two and three each containing approximately six graphics.

The original source for these quotes can be found, if you are interested, at the blog of Jeff Lee, in his post: Inspirational and Thought-Provoking Quotes by Famous People, Artists, Philosophers etc. I highly recommend reading his blog post to get the proper context and understanding of this experiment before you share any of the material. If you have done so, than I encourage you to help along the experiment by disseminating a quote or more of your choosing. His inspiration for compiling the list of novel quotes was a vituperative critique by Darran Anderson of the misuse of author quotes within social media via excerpting them without context or any attempt at validating them: Albert Camus and the ventriloquists. I’d read the latter post before the former, and thought I’d carry the ball a little further. I’ve been increasingly interested in the way meaning is created and controlled using media, and the way authority is manifested with trappings and props such as logos, symbols, and graphics. Part of what I find so interesting about this is that one can create all the appearance of authority simply using computers, and in my case Photoshop. All one has to do to recognize how people’s world views are manipulated and controlled is consider for a moment the good citizens wailing at the funeral procession of Kim Jong-Il. Within North Korea he may be perceived as a demigod, and his passing a tragedy. But to outsiders he is received as comical and a tyrant who keeps his own people in the stone age, or rather the concrete age. If the North Korean people can gulp down their brand of Kool-Aid unawares, we are surely blithely sipping our own flavor. The first step is to realize that you are being force-fed Kool-Aid at all.

What a minute. I like that phrase. Just for fun, I’m throwing myself in the mix plus that quote. Hmmm. And I can surely come up with 2 more, one for each subsequent post. I know, I know, I’m not famous or nothing, but, I do like to have a laugh, and including myself among a group of heroic cultural icons demonstrates how packaging produces meaning and authority.


3 replies on “Provocative previously unreleased quotes by famous artists, writers, and philosophers… (Part 1)

  1. Reblogged this on Recent Items and commented:
    A visual response to the authentic quotes I posted recently. As Breton himself might say – “marvellous!” Please do circulate them via social media!


  2. Beautiful! You have verily détourned my détournement. Love the corporate, greeting card shop ambiance. Even better than the real thing!


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