I am J Sri Bhagovwid, but you can call me JSB, or “Funny Baba” or whatever. I have been invited as a guest poster on this blog. I conceived this idea to share.

If we believe there must be two sides and a conflict, than we eat a sandwich of violence and death.

We may have to play the game, strap ourselves into our seats and get in line on the superhighway to sit in our cubicles and process whatever gets put in our in-bins. We have to feed the body so we have to play our role in the production, like a tiger jumping through flaming hoops for its chunks of meat. But we don’t have to take the game for reality, in which case escape is unlikely, and up to chance only. If the elephant believes its purpose is just to do tricks for its master, and then go back to it’s cage, it can never know freedom. Meanwhile the elephant could trounce the master if he could just break through the conditioning. Know you are also conditioned, and your purpose is not to be a pawn in someone else’s ill-conceived Chess match. The first step is to see it is a game and not take it for the actual. There is no need to invent an enemy in the imagination, project the image of a monster onto your neighbors, and then slaughter or be slaughtered in the flesh. Don’t believe in the master’s plan, or a master plan. Than you can levitate above the board, even if you are bound to stay in your terrestrial square. The game is monstrous, not the pieces on the board.

~ J. Sri Baghovwid (who enjoys a good game of chess, when it’s just a game.)

[Photoshop work by Eric Kuns]

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