Eric Kuns, “Superman,” (digital image) 2012

Don’t want to bias viewers with my own commentary. it’s up to you to interpret and evaluate for yourself.

Though, one critic did have this to say about it:

Superman by EricKuns is yet another classic rendering of a great superhero. Sure, the anatomy isn’t perfect, I mean unless you call a bunch of grapes fighting to escape a giant blue condom “perfection”. The anatomy is spot off, and those hands! Wow. Just wow. I love the red corrugated iron sticking out the back of his neck, too. The face is reminiscent of Picasso’s classic Weeping Woman, except, whereas Picasso was just having a bit of a laugh with that one, Mr. Kuns is obviously quite a serious fan artist looking to show off his wonderful and mature style. Just one criticism, though. The airplane is not close enough to Superman’s crotch to look like a giant phallus.

If you like it, there are also various prints and cards for sale.


Yes, it’s SUPPOSED to be funny.

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