There is no I


I am J Sri Bhagovwid, but you can call me JSB, or “Funny Baba” or whatever. This is my first guest post here. So, I wanted to get right at the crux of the matter with a riddle for you to ponder.


Isn’t it so? ~ JSB

[Artwork by Eric Kuns]

Who is J. Sri Bhagovwid?


6 thoughts on “There is no I

  1. y ask y? Not sure which thing you are asking y about. If you can be more specific perhaps JSB will impart his own wisdom, or lack thereof, or whatever it is he does.


    1. It’s intended more along the lines of a mockumentary. Think Spinal Tap. They poked fun at a genre, but I actually went out and bought their album, back in the day, because I liked the songs.


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