FB post parody
Facebook post parody

An experiment in social media.

I made this picture post for facebook as a parody of the posts about naming words without a letter, such as the following.

typical facebook spam type post
typical facebook spam type post

I was able to see through the ruse and not take the bait. They are so easy that anyone can think of a word and quickly type it in the comment box. It’s NOT meant to be difficult at all. It’s just meant to get tons of comments and gain traffic.

I don’t know if my experimental parody will take off, because I’m new to social media (spent almost 5 years behind the Great Internet Wall of China) and have relatively few contacts. I imagine a lot of people would want to show off  their knowledge of swear words, but others will be afraid of being inappropriate or the post/comments getting blocked/flagged for profanity or something.

This is also an experiment to see how people will react. As a visual artist I’m interested in the way posts of images with words carry a certain authority, so that even if people notice that I am the one who posted the “photo” they won’t likely attribute authorship to me. I’m guessing they’ll think it came from some anonymous nexus of authority.

I have a better idea for another parody. Will be ready in a about an hour.

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