The “Talk Lobster” award is for outstanding writing that analyses or critiques art, culture, or politics…

If you’ve received the award, you can get the simple instructions to install the icon on your theme (in a sidebar) by contacting me through the form below. In the comment section, you can just write “award”. Sorry for the extra step, but it prevents just anyone from having the instructions and installing it on their theme.

To nominate yourself or someone else, you can also use the contact form, or simply reply to this post. In order to nominate someone you must provide a link to a particularly appropriate and worthy post, and write a few sentences to introduce me to the blogger and the post.

Yes folks, I created this award myself. Why not? I like to appropriate to tools and appearance of authority, both to undermine illegitimate, entrenched authority, as well as to legitimize the inherently authoritative. Besides, it looks cool, and I’m only going to give it to people who I think deserve it, particularly for incisive and critical writing, and biting satire. I designed and animated it myself, which took a bit of learning to do.

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